Q: Where did you get your training?

A: I am 100% self-taught when it comes to eyebrow microblading! In terms of how I taught myself; I am naturally artistic (I had a brief stint at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA) and I studied photo and video of microbladed brows for 1 year before doodling with pencil and paper and eventually invested in some artificial skin and microblades.

Q: Why is your course so cheap?

A: I wanted to make microblading certification attainable for those who want to elevate their skill set and income but can’t necessarily afford to do so. My course is comprehensive, informative, affordable and adequate at half the price of other training courses available today! (no literally, there are trainers asking for more than DOUBLE the cost of my course, for the SAME information…)

Q: What’s included in the kit?

A: I’ve stocked your kits with amazing industry favorites from Tina Davies Professional alongside other necessary tools and supplies needed to perform a microblading procedure safely, efficiently and effectively. You can find an example of the 30+ piece Pro Practice Kit on the Course Info page.

Q: Do I have to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician to get certified or perform this service?

A: Absolutely not! Microblading is regulated by a local health department vs Cosmetology and Esthetics which is regulated by The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. With that being said, microblading falls under the Permanent Makeup sector of the Body Art Practitioner Registration, along with tattooing, piercing and branding. Do your research as each state regulates differently and I’ve included more info on this matter in the Digital Class Notes which you’ll receive once you register for the course :)

Q: Do I need art experience in order to learn Microblading?

A: Honestly, Microblading is more muscle memory than anything, and with proper training and consistent practice, ANYONE can become a pro at Microblading!

Q: How much can I charge for this service?

A: It’s completely up to you, but the price of your service should depend on things such as location, client demographic, level of service and competitors pricing, as well as booth/room rental and any overhead costs and your cost of living. Typical pricing is usually between $250 and $700, with or without complimentary touch up.

Remember, these are just frequently asked questions. The more questions you ask, the more I will add to the list!


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