Eyebrow Microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery is the art and science of fine hair stroke tattooing. Unlike the traditional eyebrow tattoo, it is Semi-Permanent and can last between 2-3 years, usually fading out depending on the level of upkeep. After sketching out where the desired brow hairs will be, the entire area is traced over with a sterile blade and pigment. By implanting coloured pigment into the skin, this technique fills in empty spots, mimicking the hair's natural growth pattern, giving them a full and flawless look.


If you are interested in receiving Eyebrow Embroidery, please check here to see if you are a candidate for this service: 


If you have any medical conditions you need to consult with your physician first before proceeding with booking any appointments. 

Contraindications for the procedure are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding

If you fail to inform me, please note that your deposit will be forfeited!

If shaping of the brows is needed it will happen during the consultation before the procedure. However, feel free to have your brows shaped 48hrs prior to coming in for your procedure if you so desire.

If you normally fill in your brows, please fill in your brows prior to coming in. Come with clean skin and no foundation or makeup of any kind besides brow pencil/powder. No pomades please!


  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages 24hrs prior to procedure.
  • No caffeine the day of procedure. 
  • Refrain from consuming pain meds the day of procedure unless your physician advises otherwise. 
  • Fish oils are blood thinners so refrain from consuming them the day of procedure unless your physician advises otherwise.
  • Avoid working out the day of procedure.


NOTE: Following aftercare instructions precisely are critical to the healing and appearance of your eyebrow embroidery!

  • Keep the area clean by using freshly washed hands and a mild, natural soap. Simply splash with water to rinse, blot dry with clean tissue. Do not use cleansing creams, acne cleansers or astringents for at least 7 days.
  • Apply Aquaphor or cortisone cream with freshly washed hands or a q-tip. Use the cream sparingly, Never touch the procedure area without washing your hands immediately before. 
  • Do not scrub, rub or pick at the epithelial crust that forms. Allow it to flake off by itself. If it is removed before it is ready the pigment can be pulled out of place.
  • Do not use any makeup near the procedure area including brow pencil, powder, pomade, concealer, foundation or wax, for at least 7 days after the procedure. It is best to disinfect all old makeup or buy new makeup to be used on or near the procedure site.
  • Always use a sunblock after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading. 

What’s Normal?

  • Mild swelling, itching, light scabbing, light bruising and dry tightness. Use ice packs for swelling and cortisone cream for scabbing and tightness.
  • Too dark and slightly uneven appearance. After 2-7 days the darkness will fade and once swelling dissipates the unevenness usually disappears. If they are too dark or still uneven after 4 weeks, we will make adjustments during the touch up appointment.
  • Color change or color loss. As the procedure area heals, the color will lighten and sometimes seem to disappear. This can all be addressed during the touch up appointment and is why the touch up is necessary. The procedure area has to be completely healed before we can address any concerns. This takes at least 4 weeks.

Failure to follow aftercare instructions may result in infections, pigment loss or discoloration!


Q: How long does this last? 

A: Depending upon the clients skin, lifestyle and upkeep, typically between 1.5-3 years.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Different clients have different pain tolerances. Numbing cream is always used and most clients describe the feeling of small scratches.

Q: What type of pigment/tool is used?

A: I attach straight edge micro blades to the tip of my manual hand tool and I use BioTouch Pigments. To find out more about BioTouch Pigments, visit: http://www.biotouch.com/Pigments/About-Biotouch-Pigments

Q: How long is the healing process?

A: The healing process is 1 week.

Q: What should I expect during the procedure?

A: A proper brow shaping and measurement are apart of the service and I will not proceed with the procedure until you have agreed to the brow outline.

Q: What should I expect after the procedure?

A: At first the pigment will seem really vibrant/dark and within 5-7 days the color will fade 60%-70%, but will soften and look truly natural over 4 -6 weeks. As long as aftercare instructions are followed precisely, this healing process will yield natural results.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Appointments are 2hrs on average and in some cases may run 15 minutes past the allotted time. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment. 

Q: How necessary is the second appointment?

A: Highly. It lasts only 45mins-1hr and I recommend booking it before you leave to ensure you comeback within 4-6 weeks.

Q: Can I wear makeup?

A: No, you cannot wear makeup on or around the brows for 7 days. Avoid foundation, concealer and other products around the eyebrows and forehead for 7 days also. 

Q: Can I workout?

A: Not for 7 days.

If  your question was not answered on here, feel free to contact mehere or bring all your questions to your appointment the day of.